Mystery Box - Yeti of the Month

Mystery Box - Yeti of the Month

33.00 every month

The mother of all surprises! The Mystery Box "Yeti of the Month" chocolates.  This box could include an assortment of all Yeti Chocolates products, from chocolate truffles, to chocolate bars and anything in between. We just guarantee that there will be at least $25.00 worth of Yeti Chocolates included in the box each month.

We also may include some experimental chocolates we are working on and would be thrilled to receive feedback during those occasion

The extra $8 added to the monthly cost is a shipping allocation, which also includes warm weather packaging in the summer at no extra cost to you. If for some reason it is unreasonable to ship due to weather concerns during the summer months, you will be contacted and your chocolates will be sent with another month’s order.

You can cancel your subscription at anytime. Please review our subscription terms here.