The Winter Collection

Time to shed those winter layers and cozy up beside a fire with a box of these wintery Yeti delights


Yeti Balls

Our signature chocolate. Toasted coconut in a white chocolate ganache, dipped in white chocolate and rolled in flaked coconut.  



Flavors of maple and pecan come together in a luscious caramel that would make our neighbors to the north proud!


Huckleberry Creme

Berry lovers rejoice! One layer huckleberry jam, one layer white chocolate vanilla bean ganache.


Lilikoi (pronounced "lily"-"coy")

"Lilikoi" is Hawaiian for passionfruit, and it was in Hawaii where I fell in love with passionfruit for the first time. The delightfully tart flavor of passionfruit is paired with white chocolate to create a mouth-watering experience that will keep you coming back for more.


London Fog

Cozy up to a fire with this chocolate based on the classic tea drink. Earl grey from CFT is paired with white chocolate and Madagascar vanilla beans to transport you to England, just in time for high tea.