Yeti of the month terms & Conditions

  1. Yeti of the Month is a subscription based offering. Customers create a customer account and save their payment information so that their card will be charged each month for the subscription product they sign up for.

  2. Subscription products will be sent each month around the same date with which an initial order is placed.

  3. During summer months Yeti Chocolates will ship orders in warm weather packaging as expeditiously as they can at no extra cost. However, if they feel conditions are not suitable even with warm weather packaging, they will contact you via email and notify you that they will be shipping your product with the next month’s shipment.  You will still be charged for the month, even though you won’t receive your order until the next month.

  4. You can cancel your subscription at anytime.

  5. In the event your payment fails, both parties will receive an email notification. The charge will be attempted five days later and then a final time five days after that. If the payment is not successful, your subscription will be automatically cancelled. You can update your payment information in your customer account at any time.

  6. You can view your subscription at anytime in your customer account, which will have the following information:

    • The next order date

    • Price

    • Subscription frequency

    • Order history

    • Saved billing and shipping information

  7. Your shipping address cannot be changed once you start a subscription; you will have to cancel your subscription and restart a subscription in order to change shipping addresses.

  8. You cannot skip a renewal or pause your subscription. If you want a break in service, you have to cancel and then restart your subscription at a later date.

  9. Discounts and gift cards cannot be applied to subscriptions.

  10. If a subscription you are subscribed to gets discontinued, you will receive an email notification before the subscription is cancelled.

  11. Yeti Chocolates reserves the right to cancel a subscription at any time.